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Bay Rum Scent Cologne Oil Beard Balm Fragrance For Men Unisex Orange Leaves Masculine
Bay Rum Scent Body Spray Room Linen Mist Hair Care for Men Women Unisex Fragrance
bay rum fragrance oil for soapmaking candlemaking slime making soap lotion candle bath bomb masculine for men women
bay rum solid perfume cologne beard oil balm fragrance scent orange zest woods earthy warm beach
Bay Rum - A bright, fresh fragrance that captures the energy of bay leaves, orange peel and zest.
bay rum sample size travel scent for men unisex women 5ml bottle orange zest bay leaves masculine strong long lasting vegan earthy woods

Bay Rum - A bright, fresh fragrance that captures the energy of bay leaves, orange peel and zest.

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BAY RUM - A bright, fresh fragrance that captures the energy of bay leaves, orange peel and zest. 

--Perfume Oil / Cologne Oil - 10ml Bottle Roll - On
Our all-natural perfumes come in a glass .33 oz. (10 ml- roll-on bottle that glides on smoothly and adds just the right amount of perfume behind your ears, on your neck, on the inside of your wrists…wherever your body’s pulse points will heat the oils and release the fragrance. The bottle is travel size, and fits conveniently in your purse, gym bag, desk, or travel cosmetic bag, so you will always have your favorite fragrance on hand for touch-ups throughout the day! There are no parabens, phthalates, dyes, or alcohol to dry or irritate your skin, and our perfumes are 100% animal cruelty-free! (Some oils will be tinted due to vanilla content) Vegan!

--Body Spray Mist- 2 oz or 4 oz Bottle
Our Moisturizing Body Spray is a great way to put on your favorite scent and leave you with a silky smooth feel. It can be applied to both your skin and hair is alcohol-free to prevent skin irritation. Phthalate–free. Cosmetic grade. No additional additives. Shake well prior to use.

--Fragrance Oil - 1 oz Bottle - Concentrated - Uncut
Concentrated non diluted fragrance oils work great in any diffusers, wax warmers, burners, aromatherapy misters, plug-ins etc. 

--Soy Wax Melts - One - 3 oz Clamshell Package of Hand Poured Single Batch
--Hand Soap 4 oz Pump - Upon use, it produces many slippery, creamy bubbles.

--Solid Perfume/Cologne - 1 oz or 2 oz Tin
Handmade Solid Perfume, Body Balm fantastic size for travel, purse, makeup bag. Experience a long-lasting perfume as the fragrance oils in the beeswax are slowly released by the heat of your body throughout the day. You can also use the balm on any rough, dry areas of skin to nourish and allow healing.  Please note the color of your solid perfume/body balm may vary anywhere from white to yellow and sometimes orange or red dependent on fragrance oil added, and amount of vanilla in fragrance oils. Works amazingly well on dry/chapped areas of skin. Comes in a handy take-anywhere size and lasts and lasts! Made with Beeswax, Almond Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Vitamin E, and Jojoba Oil. Please do not store anywhere with excessive heat (ie: vehicle). ****Should your balm lose solid form, store at room temperature, or fridge to harden again.****

--Room Spray/Linen Spray - 2 oz or 4 oz Bottle
Our Linen and Room is very easy to use and a great way to freshen any room with your favorite scent. The versatility allows it to be used for other applications such as:
Mist on a wash cloth and put in the dryer. Mist on pet bedding. Mist in air condition filter