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This Company has always had my heart credible products Every single scent delivered and the free 10ml sample.. C’mon.. take all my money! You guys are unbelievable and will forever repurchase!!!

The best

All my mist came packaged very good. And I didn’t have to wait long to receive my order. That’s a plus.

Great company

I really liked the Carnival scent by Maison Margela

I can never say enough good about their scents!

I have never loved something as much as I do these scents! I've received THOUSANDS of compliments on how I smell since I started ordering last year. I literally got asked by two customers just today how I made myself smell so good and that was after spraying a small drop I had left in my last bottle! (Don't worry, I immediately put another order in 😅)
I canceled all scent subscriptions I had and soley use LandofAhhs! You will not regret your order!

Land of Aahs, LLC
Perfume Mastery At It's Finest!

Land of Aahs is a wonderful perfume house, that I was led to purchase from in June 2024! I purchased over several times, and all of my orders are magically delicious! The time and care Brandi has put in to her work is absolutely astounding! Land of Aahs has the best gourmand perfume oils,and recreation perfumery on the market!

Thanks Land of Aahs!!

Amazing brand, affordable and QUALITY scents and dupes. Quick shipping too. Brandi the owner is so kind! Very happy repeat customer!

Experience with Land of Aahs

Great products at affordable costs and quick delivery! ❤️

10/10 shopping experience

everything about this store is fabulous. the grand variety of scents is amazing, the descriptions that are more than just listing the notes, the different sizes/types of sprays/droppers, and the customer service has been excellent as well. i have no complaints though the only thing close to one is that i wish they kept the scent “ravi” because i bought one and fell in love with it but now it’s discontinued!! praying it comes back because it’s one of my favorites now!!!

Amazing Oils!

Great service and lovely products!

Land of Aahs, LLC
Madelynn J.
My favorite

My favorite perfume brand, I will always wait for her to make a dupe

Land of Aahs, LLC
Catrice H.
Great products, great prices and fast shipping

What else can a person ask for. I have some perfumes and body oils and I very pleased with my purchases. I do suggest ordering samples because well everyone's nose is different. Shipping is crazy fast I was truly surprised when I order on a Friday and my packages was in my hand on Tuesday!!!! Thank you. My cart is full with my next order.


Love I'll make plenty of future purchases and repurchase any scents I'm sure to run out of<333

Best fragrances ever!!

Every single scent and product I have gotten from Land of Aahs is top notch quality and just amazing! Best customer service of any business I've ever dealt with as well. Highly reccomend these products to everyone. I always buy them for Christmas and birthday gifts because they are that good!!

Land of Aahs, LLC
Mykhalah S.

I have purchased before she started going viral on tiktok! It is always a pleasure shopping with Brandi as the quality of products and customer service has never changed.

Always a Pleasure Buying Anything from Land of Aahs

Everything from A-to-Z is done with love and care, including the making of the perfume to the way she packages it and the way you receive it is exactly how she sends it. This will be in my heart and a place for me to come shop from. 💯💐

Great company, very fast shipping

Overall approval, will return to try other products.


Brandi is amazing, responsive and everything ships super fast and product quality is amazing!


I am so happy with every scent I purchased. I immediately went back and ordered another round of products!
So happy ❤️❤️


Innovative Scents at Fair Prices

I've ordered about two dozen items from Land of Aahs, and every one of them has impressed me with the quality and accuracy of the scents.

Always AMAZING!!!

I’ve ordered several times and keep coming back for more. I love everything that I have received. ❤️

Land of Aahs, LLC
Melissa S.
Highly recommend Land of Aahs!

Great products with amazing customer service. Once you buy one, you will be back for more!


Please tell me how to get a hold of your old “welcome home” scent? Shamelessly begging… I love this store and all the smells❤️


Land of Aahs is superior when it comes to gourmands! I will continue to order from this brand, I love the products !

The Best

I now have 8 oils in my collection and every one is a winner. The fragrances last ages and are such fun. I love the selection and have started giving them as gifts.