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Always AMAZING!!!

I’ve ordered several times and keep coming back for more. I love everything that I have received. ❤️

Land of Aahs, LLC
Melissa S.
Highly recommend Land of Aahs!

Great products with amazing customer service. Once you buy one, you will be back for more!


Please tell me how to get a hold of your old “welcome home” scent? Shamelessly begging… I love this store and all the smells❤️

Land of Aahs, LLC
Daniella B.

Land of Aahs is superior when it comes to gourmands! I will continue to order from this brand, I love the products !

The Best

I now have 8 oils in my collection and every one is a winner. The fragrances last ages and are such fun. I love the selection and have started giving them as gifts.

I love this shop


I have quite literally placed 2 separate orders within the last few weeks, I am so extremely impressed with the quality of these body sprays! The flavors are delicious, the dupes are dead on, and the variety of selections is so impressive. I will continue to order from Land of Aahs ANY chance I get and continually recommend her shop to everyone I can! I am obsessed and again, so beyond impressed by everything I have received. (Also, the shipping is so quick. For example, I placed an order Wednesday and received my order the following Monday!!!) LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Amazing shop!

This shops amazing, i absolutely adore her scents! Great customer service as well! 🫶🫶

turned me into a Perfume collector

i had never thought i would get into perfume as much as i have, i got a few scents from here a while ago to try them just to see what the tiktok hype was about, and i bake a lot so I'm very partial to smelling like a dessert. after my first order I've then ordered from this shop two more times and it now makes up the bulk of my collection.
bakery air- very nice base scent i use alot that i get compliments on
chocolate chip cookie- i have the spray and the roll on and while it doesnt smell exactly like real chocolate chip cookies, it smells better in my opinion because it specifically smells like this one scented chocolate chip cookie pen i got at a scholastic bookfair in middle school XD
fudge brownie- very good chocolate scent i get a lot of compliments on this one as well
glazed doughnut- honestly so good just like sweet glaze goodness
creme- one of my favorites to layer with because it smells like creamer i liek to put it under tea scents or the coffee shop one
coffee shop - really cant go wrong with the scent of coffee
salted pretzel- honestly got this one because thinking it was going to be silly but it smells actually so good its crazy. VERY buttery
enchanted apple- more of a floral apple? very good with the chai scents
cake batter ice cream- smells like buttercream and funfetii very good vibes
blueberry cheesecake- another one of my favorites, smells like the name, very blueberry, grahm cracker crust and tangy creamy smell
afternoon tea- like a nice earl grey very nice and relaxing
i have so many more but this will be very long if i got through all of them so these are the highlights. i find the scents are very long lasting and last alot longer than other ones i have in my collection. and with the variety you can never get bored with them. also like VERY reasonably priced, and good sized, i have not run out of a single one yet and i wear one of them daily. what makes me scared of other perfumes is they're so big and they're like 50-100 dollars for one bottle, with this shop i can get several scents for that and not feel bad if I'm not in love with it ( which hasn't happened but it makes it easier to justify spending money)

Land of Aahs, LLC
Jennifer Y.

Brandi is amazing


Brandi is amazing
The products are amazing
The customer service is amazing
Shipping time is amazing

no quarrels .

the package arrived securely ! no issues at all . i am very , very happy with my purchases .

Customer service is really good. Any concerns they are on it. Wonderful person.

Absolutely love this shop!!

I've purchased a variety of scents , multiple times and have been impressed with ALL of them. Some of the "dupes" are better than the original! My husband and I have been complimented REPEATEDLY when we wear scents from here.

Absolutely returning!!!

I cannot beyond to deceive to yummy scents I got from yum, to yaaaaaaasssssss, to wow, to OMG!!! Thank you land of aahs, I cannot wait to get my hands on more! 🤤

Land of Aahs is FIRE

The new online store for Land of Aahs is looking great!